Finding Peace In the In-Betweens

The phrase “peace be with you” is often used in discussions or when you visit a church, but what does it really mean? How does it apply when you are in waiting mode? This school year has brought several unwanted and unusual challenges, ranging from house repairs to really tough trials for our children. In […]

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Site Going Live!


Hi everyone! My faithful subscribers! Please come to and subscribe to the new newsletter there, you will receive a free gift and when you sign up (starting Tuesday, July, 26th). If you subscribe now, I’ll still email you the link for the free gift once it works next week.

We are getting it ready to go live, so just in case I wanted you to have the new link!

Thanks for all your patience and support. There are all kinds of great articles for adults, a whole “land” for kids, and products ready to go to help you live a more resilient life!

See you soon! Elizabeth

Come on over!

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Dear friends, supporters, and readers,

Thank you for two years of wonderful interaction on this blog. Now the new website, ready in beta form, is up and linked. I’ll be posting the official launch tentatively scheduled for July 14th, 2016, and you can come over, sign up for the blog there, receive my free present for opting in, and explore. If you want a sneak peek now, here’s the link!

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Getting Close!


Here’s a sneak peek at the new website, my updated logo, the wonder of taxes, and product creation all under way!


Well, we’re in the final stages of getting ready for the new website launch. Something special must be going on if I’m reading the California Tax Code! I’ve also been hammering out new products to help families with resilience. I can’t wait to show it to you and will include details on my next blog!

Stay tuned! (Excuse the girl doing cartwheels in the background. Ahem.)

Thought you might enjoy seeing Jonathan’s first video blog on Geek Central Blog about updates at Disneyland, too!

Thanks for your prayers, support, jokes, humor, forgiveness, ideas, beta group testing help, and all with the new site. It’s going to be a great hub a creativity and resources for tweens, teens, and families alike!

The Hidden Hearts


If you look very closely, there’s a cutout in the sky and reflection. Can you find them?

On a wonderful vacation recently I started seeing things. No, really. First, after swimming with the turtles, I was resting and taking photos when I felt one in particular might be special. Get it this direction, a little voice whispered. After I peeked at the frame, I saw why. As you gaze into the pool of water as it reflects the sky, you’ll see a shape. A heart. And its twin smiled at me through the windswept clouds as a slight drizzle began.

Two hearts.

The next day, on a boat tour around the island, a lush landscape came into view set off by high mountains and sheer cliffs carved by volcanoes and weathered over the centuries. The orange-brown hues offset the seemingly endless shades of greens. I know some cultures have thirty words for green. This must be a place touched by each one, held in a historic time-delay for us to see. As we pulled into full view, the waves kept leaping higher. I held tight to the railing and, voila, another large heart in a grove of treetops in a contrasting shade of green appeared. Then, as the boat drifted further in, another valley appeared with still another heart grove of trees.

Two hearts.

Then I was playing mini-golf with our family, my son scored his first hole in one. It grew hot and we moved slowly as the palm fronds and bucolic greens swayed in a refreshing breeze. I managed to keep, ahem, most of my balls on target and out of the water features. The urge for perfectionism and mild sibling rivalry slipped away as one carefully plotted his swing. Then, the other just hit for the fun of it all. Like the character Tigger would play golf. I smiled at my husband and I swept dampness from my forehead. I removed my hat, looking at the skyline. I gasped slightly. My husband asked why. A large, white heart-shaped cloud was nestled, and interlocked, with a light gray one.

Two hearts.

I was seeing hearts in various forms all over the island. What was going on? Was there a hidden message within, like a secret code I needed to uncover? Was there some elusive blessing, just awaiting the right moment?

Even the plants I saw held heart like features.


Then I started thinking in twos. I’ve been blogging here for two years. We have two wonderful boys and, of course, there’s the natural thoughts of love and fidelity with my wonderful husband. All many blessings, indeed.

But I want to stay attuned for the other hearts knocking. The little nuances that dance in front of me like the ocean swells or light tropical breezes. Just waiting for me to enjoy them and notice their importance.