Coaching: One-On-One Support

Elizabeth is an understanding coach to help you deal with loss, grief, or challenges. Time is scarce and turmoil is a big energy drain. A big-picture viewpoint can help you do more than cope, and to thrive once more. If you need perspective from someone who’s been there, Elizabeth offers one-on-one support.

Elizabeth will help you:

  • Understand the scope of your issue.
  • Connect with practical and meaningful resources.
  • Develop strategies to deal with great changes.
  • Have hope amidst and following the trial at hand.

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Elizabeth loves exploring how to turn bad experiences in unexpected directions for good—or indeed, for joy. Her passion is to help others facing tough times to listen to God’s voice and find a path through the darkness. She helps connect others with resources and encouragement to help them overcome obstacles and release their true potential in life.

Elizabeth can help with:

  • Parenting tips to help kids reach their potential.
  • Walking a spouse through a serious health issue.
  • Coping with an extended health crisis.
  • Dealing with catastrophic loss.
  • Creating new perspective in re-inventing your life after a major change.

This isn’t therapy, but Elizabeth is an understanding coach to help you make a practical game plan. A questionnaire is sent to understand the nature of the situation and then, if there’s a match, coaching is offered by Skype, face time, or phone.

For pricing, see below:


For a free 20 minute exploratory call to see if this is right for you, write up your situation briefly and contact Elizabeth here.

Following acceptance into coaching, the sessions and monthly coaching rates are as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 1.45.32 PM

Unlimited Email support instead of or in addition to one-on-one coaching:




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