Elizabeth shares hopeful messages accentuated with humor at women’s events, moms groups, and with tweens or teens. Her background in gems and love for history brings a special flair to each presentation. From surviving a wildfire, to facing health and other crazy issues, the extensive bumps she and her family have survived help her provide deep and tender insights. To arrange a speaking opportunity for your group, contact her here.

Women’s Events or Moms Groups

Young Woman Standing with Arms Stretched Out Live Resiliently! Regain Your Hope.

Reawaken the hope just waiting to bubble to the surface within you. Learn to play and have joy once again after life’s given you a blow. Learn six keys to living a resilient life. Replace a victim-mindset with true freedom instead.

In this presentation, walk away with new insights to help:

  • Give yourself permission to process and heal.
  • Keep possessions from becoming a trap.
  • Live with new gratitude, enjoying the moment more.
  • Embrace organization and have more peace.
  • Build a faith that will not fail in rough times.
  • Trust that He can replace the “years that the locusts have stolen” and help you find your liveliness and loveliness from the inside out.

Growing Up As A Mom?

Find theMother and Son Playing keys to appreciating all our gifts, even when little ones grow up and become more independent. As one of life’s chapters closes, learn three ways to monitor your self-talk and check bad attitudes at the door. It includes tips to embrace the time shuttling kids around, pampering ideas to rebuild your stamina, and thoughts build their character (and yours) along the way.

Is It A Stomachache Or Is There A Bully Close By?two young girls laughing behind another girls back

Is your child having behavior issues or facing bullies and doesn’t know how to discuss it? Whether with your doctors, teachers, or other families, identify key signs that it’s time to advocate for your children. Elizabeth’s son was bullied in preschool, but the symptoms were easily misunderstood before the family learned how to tackle this difficult situation.

This sheds light on:

  • Listening to your instincts and discerning the path forward.
  • Developing a family vocabulary for emotionally-charged situations.
  • Helping your kids to see grace in the midst of hardship.

Avoiding The Sand Trap—Elizabeth’s Story

You didn’t ask for it, but suddenly you find yourself on the biggest character-building roller coaster of your life. There you are in the hospital room wondering how to find God’s voice amidst the deep pain of loss or difficulty. Or you’ve lost everything through a disaster and don’t know how to face the day, month, and year ahead. Or your child is in an emergency—either physically or emotionally—and you crave God’s shoulder to cry on. Elizabeth and her family have been on several detours in each of these categories. This presentation is all about not letting go of God’s hand and avoiding pitfalls amidst some of the worst things life can throw in your path.

Youth Groups or Teen Groups

Redeem It Or Run?

MP900227797How can we pick better friends? Why do some people let us down? How can we be better friends ourselves? Learn key signs to watch for in selecting friends and letting people in our inner circle of trust. Find clues to walking with wise people rather than those who will use us for gain or diminish our potential.

(See Classes for more information here.)

Held Captive Or Captivated?

MP900390186Taking your thoughts captive is so critical to thriving and living with joy in life. But what does that mean? If your thought life keeps you in a negative swirl of emotions, learn to overcome defeating patterns that drain your energy. This topic discusses the sources of negative thoughts, how to investigate truth vs. evil intentions, and how to draw near to God and hear His heart whispers through any circumstance. Elizabeth uses tools of understanding and scripture to help us be mindful of the source for our “mind traffic” and allowing more room for God to speak into our lives and perceptions.

Is The Silver Lining Real?

MP900227554People always say: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But is that all there is when life gets tough? Elizabeth knows first hand God can reinvent anything and reclaim it while breathing new vision into our lives. It’s not just a trite motto, God really does work in all circumstances. This topic draws from Elizabeth’s experience and miracles and losses in her life, and highlights how to release our past mistakes and see God’s fingerprints on our hearts and circumstances.

School Assemblies or Homeschooling Groups

What To Do When The Little Engine That Could Is In The Shop?

Four Locomotives Hauling TrainPerhaps someone told you to just “Think I Can” like the little determined train going uphill when things get tough. But as you get older, more challenges come that require some fine-tuning on this philosophy. How do you grow into your full potential and understand your enemy so he doesn’t trip you up? This presentation is all about taking thoughts captive—what it means, how to do it, and how it helps in life.

Got Bling? Don’t Get Robbed!MP900441027

Did you know you were fashioned with a high worth, like a beautiful gem? The enemy will pull you down, but if you know who you are, and whose you are, the beauty inside yourself can’t be taken away without your permission. This presentation draws on gemology and God’s design, as well as resources to help build up faith and identity muscles in kids.

Upside Down Math.

Schoolboy Struggling with Math ProblemsDid you ever wonder why “the meek shall inherit the earth” or “in our weakness He is strong?” Have you heard people say these things but wondered how it applies to you? Hunting down 10 unexpected values can shed light on how we position our life choices. How God sees what’s valuable in life can help steer our decisions and guard our perceptions.

For information or to book Elizabeth for a speaking opportunity, send in your request and contact phone number here


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