News And Class Awards!

Time for some fun updates before we launch into summer. And I mean launch! I’m working with the technical experts to assemble the last pieces for the new website. I’ll be sure to post about the transition as we get closer to launch.

Awards announcement for my favorite classroom!

I’ve been helping to teach a unit about the elements of fiction and got to work with wonderful tweens on their first stories. It’s been so rewarding and I love their enthusiasm and creativity! I especially loved seeing their progression to finish. Their teacher, Mrs. Root, is amazing too for taking this on at a young age. But her kids were ready and here’s the results:

Best Drawing  – TIE – Chloe for Shrinkey and Terrina for War

Best Title – TIE – Logan for The Spider Apocalypse and Akashi for Dancing Hamsters

Best Progression from Draft to Final Version – Brayden for The Story of the Hidden Treasure

Best Story About Kindness – Tristan for The Braces

Best Portal – Joey for An Unforgettable Trip

Best Humor – George for Cap Turad

Best Twist at the End – Ellie for Three Days Left

Best Improved Descriptions – Will for The Pirate Invasion

Best Detail With Story – David for The Outbreak

Giveaways coming!

I could use your feedback on my first ever giveaway. You can choose between:

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  • A wonderful jewelry box to hide your treasures
  • A quote-filled umbrella (with book quotes on the outside) for the book-lover in your life (or yourself!)

What would you like to see? I’d love your feedback here in the comments below, or on my social media links.



Design Your Own Land


Disney’s TOMORROWLAND Conceptual Art look at Tomorrowland ©Disney 2015

Recently my son had an interesting history assignment: Design your own land and put elements of it in a box to share with the class. The whole class considered all kinds of variables, like transportation, government, systems, food, fun, family activities and more. You were allowed to choose a favorite land and enhance it.

My son Jonathan chose Tomorrowland, like in the Disney movie. But he stepped it up a notch. Junk food became healthy. People invented things for the betterment of everyone’s life, nothing bad happened. Music had lots of applications. It made me think, what if I could create my own real land? Have you ever wondered what would be in your box?



Jonathan modeled his land after Tomorrowland, but stepped it up a notch. What would you put in your box?

Would you choose a fantasy setup with a castle, white horses, ladies in long dresses and gentlemen in old fashioned clothing? Or would clothing be the main form of transport, bringing you whatever you were hungry for or wherever you wanted to go? Would evil exist or would today’s problems be in the past? What would problems be like there or is it an idyllic existence? The questions that arise tell you about your scope for adventure. Are there creatures like in our world, or entirely new ones? Does everyone walk upside-down? Is surfing the main mode of transport? The possibilities are endless.

I know what I want in my box. Possibility. Hope. Endurance. Beauty. Music. Room to breathe. Room to take my breath away.

What’s in your box?

Wandering in Tomorrowland



David Drake and Katherine Morse in darling costumes. Everywhere they went people were smiling and waving at them.

We were walking through Disneyland and began to notice ladies and gentlemen dressed in period clothing. They looked very nice. Suddenly, I glanced all around and it was like being on the movie set for Tomorrowland with lots of hats, heels, and poofy skirts, too. We had inadvertently visited during Dapper Days and it was like taking a time-warp back to the 1950s or 60s.

Here’s some of the best photos!


I loved her book backpack! Source:


By now we really felt immersed in a story, a new one melding Disney and a snapshot of time. It was beautiful! Now, there was a dark side.


A Goth bride with a casket purse!

Some people dressed Goth and flaunted very dark, zombie-like costumes.

But the special part, for me, was seeing whole families dressed in hats and striped suits, enjoying rides and laughing together. I love the power of a good story!


Contest Updates

Some very nice things have happened recently with my manuscript. Awards!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.10.16 AM.png

I took second place in a regional ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) contest called the Keystone Great Beginnings Contest. Thank you to everyone involved in the contest and congrats to the other winners!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.13.22 AM

I just discovered I’m also a semi-finalist in a national competition called the ACFW Genesis Contest. My hands are shaking a bit as I’m typing! Thank you to everyone involved with this contest and I’m so happy for the other semi-finalists, too! I find out what happens in June so stay tuned!