Lit Candles and Camellias on Small Table

My writing journey began as a young girl, with my first poem and drawings published in grade school about the skylight that kept me awake at night dreaming about other lands. I grew up near the water and would watch the ducks and elegant egrets and could easily make up stories about their antics.

When I was in college I intersected directly with C.S. Lewis’ writings on a study abroad program, and fell even deeper under the spell of fiction. I love the Narnia Chronicles and adventures and characters that help kids learn big truths.

I spent years writing for the corporate world (see About section here) and have been published in industry publications, such as Ernst & Young’s Great Sales, State and Local Tax Report, Southwest Region State and Local Tax Report, AIM Program newsletters, Action Line for Actuarial Services, Tort Reform Update, Celebrating The Firm, and more than 15 newsletters, many press releases, proposals (RFPs), news releases, and advertisements. Here’s a sampling of newsletters, press releases, brochures, media communications, advertisements, articles, and RFPs (proposals). I had hundreds more, but they are lost to the fires!Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.40.45 AM

After surviving a range of difficulties and having my own children, I searched for a way to keep teaching them to have hope in the midst of adversity. I wanted them to learn particular lessons to boost self-esteem or face realities in life with their faith in hand, but couldn’t find many resources to do so.

Blooming Cherry Blossoms

And then the big idea arrived, in the most unexpected form. A story! I’ve got a fractured-fairytale novel in the works now. I also write short stories, nonfiction blogs, articles, and coursework to help others find a path amidst trying times or rediscover whimsy and abundance in their lives.

Come with me on the journey to find a resilient life! Watch this section for more writing samples to come.

If you want to read some thoughts about our resilience, Click to Read my poem, “Because We Survived.”

Also recent online articles:

Seriously Write, where I share how to write about difficult times and offer only the gems, not the rough: http://seriouslywrite.blogspot.com/2015/05/how-to-only-share-your-written-gems-not.html#comment-form

Seekerville where I discuss “The Power of The Right Turn”:

Littworld Online, “Under The Robes” with a special jewelry story with a twist from my time as a gemologist. Interesting insight into royals, too. http://www.littworldonline.org/blog/2014/11/under-the-robes/


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