Do You Have A Resilient Life And Outlook?

Please come visit my new website at This is the old website for Resilience Expert, Elizabeth Van Tassel and will not be receiving new posts soon. Come see me at the other site for a fresh approach in any situation requiring resilience, great interviews, adventures for youth, and more! See you there!


How do you emerge a better person and closer family through trials? One of the toughest parts of hard times is seeing your options from a Google-earth point of view. If you want clarity and intentionality in your choices, you’ve come to a good place. A survivor who looks for silver linings, Elizabeth shares both from her heart and practical ideas to help you thrive.

Young Couple with Two Children (8-12) Walking on the Beach


Whether it’s walking through hard times, dealing with bullies, or seeking healthier friendships, Elizabeth helps you use the curves life brings to develop character and find deeper meaning in every moment.  (More here)

Watering flowers


Want to improve your life as a mother, wife, or grace-filled survivor? Instead of trite sayings, adults and kids alike are refueled with hope-filled, practical insights through Elizabeth’s presentations. (More here)



Need a treasure box full of ideas for tackling big hurdles? Want to share truth with your kids without weighing them down? Elizabeth brings practical tips and thoughts for living a more peaceful, dedicated life of value. (More here)



Elizabeth Van Tassel has faced life’s challenges with humor and grace while maintaining her faith. Having lost her family’s home to a wildfire, as well as experiencing a myriad of health and other life-altering trials, she teaches real-life lessons and helps tweens, teens, and their parents build a treasure box of tools to face the hardest parts of life. Her background with gems and love for history bring a special flair to her speaking, classes, and fiction and nonfiction writing. Contact her at and learn how to Live A Resilient Life!



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