In Person or On-Line

Do you want to live a more resilient life, where you bounce back from difficulties and become a better person over time? Are you searching for keys to unlock a new perspective for yourself and your family? Elizabeth helps you with practical tips and genuine insights in small and large groups and internet-based classes. Classes can be tailored in 1-3 sessions, which each last 45 minutes to one hour.

Moraine Lake and Canadian Rockies You Want To Rise Above Your Circumstances—But How?

Avoid costly mistakes and bring renewal to restore your zeal with Elizabeth’s 10 tips for a more resilient outlook. Focus your goals so you have a crystal-clear understanding of best methods for not just existing, but dealing constructively with life’s decision points.

In this class you’ll:

  • Garner resources to deal with your challenges.
  • Map out points to keep moving through your process.
  • Learn three keys to avoiding painful pitfalls.
  • Find suggestions for well-deserved stress breaks and restorative moments.
  • Discover how to use practical tools without getting stuck in fix-it mode.

Tackle The Bullies Pulling You Down.

Football PileupAre there emotional bullies at school or in the neighborhood? This class is for children and their parents to create a plan to escape helplessness, provide confrontation options, and stop letting others invade your life. Using wisdom from unexpected places as well as personal safety coaches, Elizabeth brings practical resources to help find solutions and cope with this challenge.

In this class you’ll:

  • Have a starting place to deal constructively with concerns.
  • Receive 10 ideas to deal with a bully before lifting a finger in defense.
  • Use a vocabulary list to help young kids express what’s going on.
  • Create a game plan to talk with your school.
  • Find steps your family can take to help.
  • Receive a list of the potential resources in your community for support.
  • Help your children face their fears constructively and grow from this difficult situation to be stronger, more grounded individuals.

Are Your Child’s Friends A Drain Or A Boost?Girls with Heads Together Hugging

Wish you could help your kids attract friends and seek situations that build them up, rather than sap their strength? Instead of arguing over their choices, help your kids evaluate their friendships and relationships objectively, using five tips for less strife and more fun with others. Learn when to help them find the exit sign and when they are in for good memories to come.

Five Keys to Build Treasures In Life

MP900384779Do you wish you had a treasure box filled with wisdom about how to grow your children’s faith, help them stay grounded in dicey times, and give them an appetite for beauty rather than destruction? With all the bumps Elizabeth and her family have faced, she’s become a research hound for resources that boost kids’ morale, keep them grounded in eternal truths, and teach them how to use their creativity to see life’s potential. In this class, Elizabeth shares her favorite treasures, how to use them, and offers resources to build beauty into your child’s viewpoint.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth here.


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