Coming Attractions!

It’s going to be a few more weeks before the launch date is announced, but this week I’m taking a brief break for a video blog with hints about what you can expect.  And if you subscribe now to my website, BEFORE the launch, there will be additional benefits with the upcoming giveaways. Oops, well, one hint already!

Next week we’ll continue the New Beginnings Series, focusing on waiting for your updraft. For the original series blog, check Five Tips for a Resilient Fall HERE.

So what part of the series have you been working on so far? Outlining your dreams? Taking time to think through priorities? I’ve been working hard on infrastructure. We got so inspired, we started to demo a room. EEK! More on that soon. And did you ever notice when you’re learning a lesson in one area of life, it seems to spread into others? How’s it going? Would love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy!


Guest Blogging At Seriously Write!


Today I’m guest blogging at the wonderful blog to encourage writers, Seriously Write. My thanks to Dawn Kinzer for inviting me to share tips on how to share gems from your heart about being resilient in difficult times, without sharing the “rough.” Come join me there!