Enjoy Some Wonder This May

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Photo: Charlotte Bird

With May just around the corner, I thought it was time for some wonder on display! Faeries remind me of the simplicity of childhood, and also keeping open to wonder in life. I was a lot like this little girl growing up, looking for the stars winking in the sky, waiting for something amazing to happen, or wishing all my stuffed animals would come alive at night.

One May tradition I want to try this year is leaving flower bouquets on neighbors or friends’ doors. Precious!

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Photo: lfvaustin.blogspot.com

Host a Faerie party! Some gardens and locations have faerie parties this upcoming week. Be on the lookout in your area!

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Photo: May Day Faerie Festival at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania.

Buy a tiara and host a tea party! I got to interview some princesses recently at Disneyland, about the magic of wearing one. See it here:

I love Gail Carson Levine’s books. Whether dragons, fairy tales, or even a fairy quest, they’re terrific! You could read Ella Enchanted, then watch the movie, and discuss how they changed the story for a kids book club this summer.

If you just want a little faerie magic, try these pop-ups by Cicely Mary Barker which are so charming.


And my friend Ralene Burke has a new faerie series called Bellanok, too!



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Top 10 Favorite Tween Fantasy Books

Elizabeth Van Tassel, resilience expert and fantasy writer, in her snowiest setting of white backdrop in honor of those snowed in this week, walks you through some favorites stories for boys and girls ages ten and up, and younger ones that read above their grades. From gripping plots and great locations with S.E. Grove, amazing magic from Lissa Evans, and unbelievable dragons with Gail Carson Levine these books have many hours of fun to offer. And there’s a few you may not know yet, too. Hope you enjoy this video blog (VLOG) and let me know what books you enjoy too! Stay warm!


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