Adapt to Open Doors

Being ready to walk through open doors requires adaptability and flexibility at key moments.

Being ready to walk through open doors requires adaptability and flexibility at key moments. Photo: Image courtesy of basketman at

Part Three in the New Beginnings Series

One of the special moments in pursuing your dream is when unexpected opportunities land on your doorstep. Sometimes they come at the craziest moment, when you’re tending a sick one, or mid-stream in another project on an entirely different subject. Has this ever happened to you? How did you respond? Were you rigid in sticking to your schedule or flexible enough to let yourself be open to possibilities?

I’ve learned it’s important to pause and give special attention to the moment. Okay, the laundry may back up. And perhaps some other commitment has to be moved, but my writing mentors have given me sage advice that when you’re waiting to see what the next step is, look for the largest open door and go through it. Sometimes it requires letting go of the reigns a bit, and stepping on the high wire of a new direction. Sometimes it’s so quiet no one else but you will notice, like when a leaf falls from the tree and dangles in the breeze before it brushes the ground to rest.

Recognize the feather

I remember the white feather in the movie Forest Gump, which, when it landed, seemed to bring a season of abundance to a family that dearly needed help. And later the end scene, when things are set to rights, Forest has made his fortune and endured sorrow, and has a young son who’s on a sure path, then the feather drifts back to the sky, perhaps on a path to bless someone else.

Have you ever had that “feather moment”? Maybe it’s a timely phone call from someone with an idea, a teacher willing to help your child today, or an unexpected advocate for your favorite cause or business. When those moments happen, try to be flexible in other areas. For example, I’m a day late with this post due to an unexpected media opportunity this week. Exciting, but “something’s gotta give” and don’t miss the bigger opportunity by being inflexible.

Factor in forgiveness

Part of being flexible will require give and take from others in your life that believe in your dream. It helps me to remember this at the outset, and almost pre-forgive myself for not being able to do everything. Some other corner of life will indeed gather piles while the dream is pursued.

Faith involves a listening heart, ready to respond to today’s priority and I’m very mindful of this. That lesson was hard-earned with family in the hospital and the day-by-day existence on the wisp of hope in darker times. In happier times, the same emotional muscles of faith involve pressing forward when all you know is you have to complete this task because it’s very important in the long run. More than perfect roses in the garden or a fetching social calendar. More than perfect hair and nails. More than any attempt at perfection (which can’t really happen anyways). On the flip side, sometimes even your dream has to be put on hold for a day when loved ones need more attention or the laundry indeed MUST happen, or people in your life want to be fed well. By factoring in forgiveness, your element of elasticity will improve greatly.

Build in shelves  

This week when I had a sudden media opportunity to be filmed on my computer, we realized I needed a better backdrop. Luckily my husband was home and we had already bought the shelf to keep behind me for times like this, with a few meaningful items that relate to my platform or books on the background. We dropped everything, hung the shelf, spruced up a bit, and were ready in under 30 minutes. That’s teamwork! But that’s also my wonderful family recognizing that when the special opportunity arrives, readiness is key. Or willingness to do the most to embrace the possibilities is our family motto. As parents, we do this regularly on a smaller scale when a friend invites them over for a play date or they’re in a special activity that requires more driving and juggling carpools. Just remember, pursuing your dream is no different and it really helps if everyone is on board and “at the ready”.

Upcoming exciting news:

THIS FRIDAY – I’m speaking to San Diego ACFW about HOT TOPICS from the meetings in Dallas! Check my author Facebook for details HERE. Come join us for a luncheon and time to share ideas, too.

In the next weeks, I’m planning to have:

  • My first giveaway (anyone signed up on the blog will be entered, tell your friends!)
  • Launch a super new website (you’re the first to know!!)
  • Celebrate our eight-year anniversary from the wildfires
  • Bringing together a fun, entertaining, and informative YouTube channel. Subscribe to get updates HERE.
  • I’m bringing together all the great things I’ve learned in the last year to make things more helpful and provide a great web page for teens and tweens too. I’d love to hear what you most want to see and wish your kids had available to them.
  • Preview the trailer for my new website! (The one for kids)

More fun here:

Making of the feather scene:


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