Understand Your Dreams

Where will your dreams take you? What if life's put up road blocks? They can still come true.

Where will your dreams take you? What if life’s put up road blocks? They can still come true.

Part One of the New Beginnings Series

My son told me first thing he’d had a wonderful dream where his favorite story came alive, and he was able to fly and get special powers. You should have seen his ear-to-ear smile. I love watching a dream come true. And really, I’m so grateful for your support here too. For you’ve been watching my dream come true.

There’s a popular song about turning ashes to beauty. I’ve been having memories of a photo I wish I’d taken, of helpers after the fires that found my manuscript with crispy, burnt edges and said I should have kept it. That day, after we lost everything, I thought my dream would surely die in the aftermath of loss. I was using every ounce of strength to get by and protect my family—how or even when could there be room to grow a dream once more? I felt the same with loved ones threatened in the hospital and my own challenges.

Would the dream die?

Somehow, amazingly, it hasn’t.

With a breath from above, it’s grown. After years of planning, I’ve finished a novel, am working with my great agent to find the right launch pad, and am gearing up to bring you meaningful resources for not just hope among difficulties, but help equipping this generation and the next with an arsenal of tools to combat difficult issues common in puberty. And to encourage moms and grandparents alike in helping their families to thrive.

I’ve communicated with people from all across this country and in many more on my site and our family’s gratitude website (fun videos my kids have made here: MakeUsSmile.com). It’s embarrassing that it took so long to say thank you to American Airlines, American Express, and Macy’s, who gave us and other fire survivors helpful discounts. And all the people who made a difference. More thank-you’s to come.

So how do you keep the dream alive through the bumps in life?

Is it sheer tenacity that keeps you going? Sometimes, yes. But if you are called to do something, a path forward can be recovered if you find your voice, set the course, and pick your goal.

Find your voice – first, you must detail the dream. Go somewhere quiet, bring a journal or your computer, and just write. Write from your heart. Pour out that dream as if a close friend was right next to you and listening intently. Give yourself permission to put it to paper. That alone will be a relief if you’ve kept it tamped down for some time due to preventative circumstances.

Set the course – look into classes or resources to help those first steps. If it’s long-term goals, set some gateposts along the way. I took many classes and was mentored by wonderful writers. I still take classes to improve social media or other things I need to learn. Keep learning and set each component as a goal. Eventually you’ll gain traction and won’t feel alone in the process.

Pick your goal – you’ve done your homework, checked in with your heart, and brought the right resources to bear. Now pick that ONE big goal out. Yes, the one which has shined through all others. And move aside distractions or things that aren’t as fulfilling for a season. Give yourself permission once more to scale down other areas to let the dream take form and flight. To finish my novel, I had to scale way back on other commitments. I feel I must complete these books, and it’s important to do so. You may have to get better at saying ‘no’ to make the one ‘yes’ possible.

Bless you on your journey! I’d love to hear from you. And Happy Anniversary, one year ago today the website was launched. Thanks for joining the ride!

I’m heading to ACFW in Dallas this week, so hope to see you there! Watch my social media for updates, too.

Image courtesy of tungphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


3 thoughts on “Understand Your Dreams

  1. Elizabeth, you have given me so much inspiration in one post. Thank you. I just happened here hecause of your ACFW post and this just called out to me. I am going through a total upheaval in the next few weeks. By mid October I will be unemployed. Scary on one hand but there is a small bit of room for excitement too at what God has planned. Have a wonderful day!


    • Dear Kelly, I’m so sorry for what’s coming in October and will be thinking about you. We’ve been there and I hope new opportunities surface that will be better than you could have imagined. Hold fast!


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