The Treasure Box

This beautiful silver box with precious stones reminds me of my own heart's treasure box.

This beautiful silver box with precious stones reminds me of my own heart’s treasure box.

When you have to pack and run for it, you find out what is your true treasure.

This week we’ve been in Dallas before some media work and it’s given me a renewed appreciation for generous hearts once more. People who accept you after many years, places bringing old smiles back to the surface, silly comments by our kids as they experience a new part of the world. Dallas has been kind to us once more, but mainly for the people and shared experiences that can bridge the distance and miles and years apart.

As we head into uncharted territory, trying new things and rediscovering grace in special ways, I keep thinking of the treasures I’ve been given, and those I’m soon to give away. Given—friendship, gestures of kindness, unwarranted grace and forgiveness, family, and new beginnings. To give—advice for avoiding some bumps in the road, shortcuts and money-savers for parenting, and other nuggets derived from much pain. Like the gold that rises during purification, these precious things are my treasures.

It’s so important to realize what should be in your treasure box, to count each morsel of beauty, and be connected with others to share.

What kind of beauty are you grateful for today? Take a moment and appreciate your gifts as we head into a new school year. It helps slow the march of time just a little, and broadens the scope for renewal to enter in.


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