A Very Long Iced Tea

I never thought I'd have such a soft spot for iced tea until it may have saved me! Come sit for a while and visit...

I never thought I’d have such a soft spot for iced tea until it may have saved me! Come sit for a while and visit…

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching out for you?

Recently I was running errands in hot weather, and I suddenly felt so tired. My eyelids were very heavy. I’d gotten up early to write. And I kept feeling nudged to get an iced tea. I got in the car and I could almost visualize a huge, floating glass of iced tea. I knew better than to ignore those prompts. It’s helped me before. I’ve never even tried iced tea at Starbucks but it was close by, so I stopped and went in.

I was greeted with wide smiles by two gentlemen servers. There was only one other person in the place. I told them it was my first iced tea there. The next thing I know, I feel transported to a fancy bar with the baristas brainstorming different ways to shake and pour my tea for the best taste. They tried one combination, measured some water and ice to add, and began crafting my elevated tea experience with something like a plastic martini shaker.

Shake, shake, shake.

Finally the pour. Not quite right. A little bitter. Rinse, repeat. This time it was just right.

I told them they must be great chefs at home. They smiled and winked, one said yes with a microwave for two minutes. The fun banter continued and my tea was great. Then they said it was on the house!

I drove home with a wide grin on my face. I kept thinking how small acts of kindness can change your whole day.

But as I pulled up to where we live, there were six police cars, two fire trucks, and ambulances with lots of flashing lights at 3 p.m. There had been a terrible wreck with the front end of a four-door pressed all the way into the front seat. I know this turn well and people rush by at startling speeds. The passengers were being tended to and I believe there were no fatalities, thankfully.

I was shaking. Time slowed.

I realized if I hadn’t been getting tea, that could have been me.

Ouch. And wow.

I passed by, feeling very grateful for those watchful eyes.

Have you ever felt a larger hand on your plans? It reminds me how important it is to listen to that small, quiet voice inside, and remember the great value of every day we have. It makes me want to be intentional with time and those we love. It also makes me want to contribute in some larger way with what we’ve learned from difficulties and times of joy.

What do you feel in those moments? I’d love to hear from you.


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