The Legacy Gift

The Legacy Gift here is my husband's Boy Scout pins, next to my son's first pin. What a special set of memories symbolized in a row of pins! Lovely sentiment.

The Legacy Gift here is my husband’s Boy Scout parent’s pins, next to my son’s first pin. What a special set of memories symbolized in a row of pins!

My son shook the yellow envelop, trying to guess what was inside. “It’s definitely not a book!” He smiled, putting it on the kitchen table. We all drew close together. My husband John opened it, and out slid the most wonderful gift from my in-laws, all of John’s Boy Scout parent pins. It’s a meaningful tradition from the Boy Scouts, they give the mother a small pin representing each level as they achieve different ranks, including Eagle Scout like my husband.

I saw my son, newly inducted into scouts, beaming and asking Dad lots of questions. Memories of my brother getting his levels also rose to attention in my mind. With one small gift, it felt like generations of supporters were gathered to pat my husband on the back and encourage my son in his endeavors.

It seemed like time slowed down amidst a busy week as John unpacked special camping stories and memories of adventures for our two boys.

Have you ever received a legacy gift, one that symbolizes something special for generations of your family? One that also honors the commitment of family and others to help you move forward in life?

A close friend just graduated high school and I’ve been trying to think what would be a very special gift for her, too. I remember receiving a Baccarat vase, a very small one, for my “someday apartment” when I graduated from high school. I carried that vase through lots of moves and changes, and remember setting it out for special occasions as I grew into my own career and early years in Texas. It made me smile and think of the family friend that knew I’d still love it several years later and remember their role in my growing-up years.

It’s important to honor others in your life that have helped your career, health, dreams, or new beginnings take flight.

As a resilience expert, I realize it’s only with the help of graceful friends and family that we can reach for new challenges and find our best level of success. Sometimes it takes a small act of kindness, like my husband driving my son to sports so I can have time to write this. Or a friend helping with the trash cans when I sprained my ankle. Other times, the gift might be something very precious like a watch passed down in the family or a cherished heirloom.

I love touching a bit of history and feeling the vibrations of ancestor’s hopes and dreams coming true, and, at the same time, wondering what delights will bless us with these next steps.

A Legacy Gift imparts hope with its very essence. By looking at these pins, we could envision our son pressing on to reach his own path in scouts and beyond. A Legacy Gift brings the breath of hope in new circumstances.

What Legacy Gifts have you given or received? Which ones meant the most?


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