Guest Blogging At Seriously Write!


Today I’m guest blogging at the wonderful blog to encourage writers, Seriously Write. My thanks to Dawn Kinzer for inviting me to share tips on how to share gems from your heart about being resilient in difficult times, without sharing the “rough.” Come join me there!


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogging At Seriously Write!

  1. I loved this! Thanks for giving some tips on how to write about the hard stuff. We need a few close friends that can help us process those trials when they come our way but I agree that when we tell our story to a broader audience, it’s important to come from a place of healing (or on the road to healing) and not of hurt, or we risk sharing an inaccurate view of our God. That’s not to say we have to have everything figured out! But sometimes a little perspective is necessary. Journals are a great dumping ground while we’re sorting through things!


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Perspective does help and I often set aside a quiet moment to process things. Or I’ll put notes in a drawer and determine later if it’s still a good direction to go. There’s just no way to rush healing, much as I’ve often wished, and when we’re still raw from pain, the risk of not accurately communicating is heightened. However, with time, I’ve found a wealth of learning comes with an open heart. Sometimes after many walks on the beach or time giggling with my children. Glad that the tips were helpful!

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