Under The Waterfall

A favorite place of refuge at the Chinese gardens of the Huntington Library.

A favorite place of refuge at the Chinese gardens of the Huntington Library.

To escape the hectic pattern of life, where is your favorite place to uncover beauty that feeds your desire for meaning in life? If you can’t answer this question, or can’t remember the last time you tried, read on.

For Valentine’s Day, my husband and children and I all visited a favorite place with gorgeous gardens, interesting libraries and science exhibits, and pretty weather. As we walked around, the serenity of the place and beautiful scents from flowers made me smile. Watching my boys chase fish in the coy pond helped me find my girlish giggle once more.

After a serious life event brought us to our knees, we discovered this special place when our children were still in strollers. Every time we went to see the gardens or an exhibit, it settled something deep inside to keep pressing on and remember we weren’t defined by the challenge. Touching beauty helped keep that spark of faith alive.

What feeds your most creative side? Is it riding ATVs or walks in the forest? Whatever it is, I encourage you to intentionally schedule a moment this month where you can just “be” and remember who you want to “become.” It helps with life’s difficulties to put them into perspective and keep your batteries on full to help others in your life.

What are your favorite places to go and take a restorative break?


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