Beautiful Moments

Wishing you beautiful moments with loved ones.

Wishing you beautiful moments with loved ones.

Valentine’s Day brings out mixed emotions for most people. At best, it’s a way to remind those you care about how special they are to you. But sometimes it can place unwanted pressure to be perfect or stir up difficult memories. If you are caught in the latter, I encourage you to seek out a beautiful moment either alone or with loved ones this weekend.

Whether it’s trying a tempting new type of tea, going on an outing with loved ones, or doing something creative that reawakens old dreams, bringing beauty in can be so refreshing and peaceful. It dusts off neglected corners of delight. Pursue this moment and savor it when it comes.

I am in the final stretch for preparing to send out my novel to agents and publishers and my husband’s life has been pretty busy. Yet we try to just take a walk or have a nice breakfast alone to savor the moment together. We’re hoping to share a fun activity with our family that we all enjoy that will touch beauty and reshape our focus from practical to loving.

What do you do when you need a beautiful moment? Call it up, like in the picture of the window at Tiffany’s I saw recently (above). Pursue it! I’m wishing you many hugs and much joy this week.


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