Happy New Year!

All in line for a new year?

All in line for a new year? Here’s hoping 2015 is wonderful and wonder-filled.

Find a way to make the cleaning out more fun by bringing in your favorite inspiritions. Here’s some of mine. Favorite English movies ready to roll, check! Hot coffee from Kauai, check! Mug with resilient saying, check! Bins and collection areas ready, check! End-of-the-world picture from vacation, check! I’m ready to dig in and make plans for new chapters in life this year. Are you?

I have 85 plus kids in my Silvers readers group finishing my first novel as beta readers. No nail biting allowed here, but I’m very tempted. So while I’m waiting, I’m cleaning out the old and making room for new exciting things. Like finishing my proposals in a matter of weeks and sending the “baby” out to those who’ve asked to read it. And creating tips for being resilient on Seekerville that will post on January 23, 2015. Look for it here: http://seekerville.blogspot.com/ and please join the commenting with your thoughts and ideas, too!

I can’t wait to share nuggets from our family vacation. After months of planning, we surprised our kids with a trip to Hawaii for Christmas. I never expected to reach Bali High or the adventures we experienced. God was so good to us and I’d love to share some Aloha with you, too.

Here’s wishing you God’s blessing, new beginnings, fresh insight and breezes from afar on your challenges this year.


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