Resilient Cookies

Joey Makes His Favorite Fall Cookies

Joey Makes His Favorite Fall Cookies

Resilient Cookies

After surviving challenging situations, one of the best lessons we learned was to create new traditions. Our son Joey loves anything with pumpkin in it and one year after the fires, we started making pumpkin cookies. Now it’s an annual moment that brings everyone a smile. Especially our neighbors and friends since they are too good not to share.

These simple cookies remind me that God’s grace is new every morning. When I get sad remembering our loss in the massive wildfires of this area, I just breathe, count my blessings, and turn directly toward the difficult memory to dispel it with a moment of goodness. Not to deny it, but to also not let it have power over me any more.

May you have joy amidst your challenges and His breath on your shoulder pushing you to discover new beginnings in your life, too! I’ll post the recipe we use on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Do you ever have to take a deep breath when a difficult memory surfaces and determine to begin anew? What special traditions have you started with your family?



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